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DISQUS data synchronization tips

04 marzo 2011 • ⏲️ 1 min.

I’m using DISQUS comments platform in my last project and I developed a .Net Windows service for synchronize the site’s comments locally.

DISQUS exposes some useful API to accomplish my needs and I used the ”forums/listPosts” call.

I’m getting started from this example on their site, so my service synchronizes all new comments every 10 minutes.

All seems to works fine but in my API request I must pay attention to fill these arguments:

  • since: this is a Unix timestamp to catch comments from a specific date (in my case of the last saved comment) but it is referred to the EST time zone!
    edit: from my latest tests I preferred to use a standard iso (yyyy-mm-ddThh24:mi:ss) datetime format instead of timestamp.

  • order: the order by which the comments are extract… by default it’s descending… I must set it to asc for the newest comments.

Marco Valsecchi

Marco Valsecchi

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